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      The development status and future prospect of BOPP film industry in China.
      BOPP film is a very important soft packaging material, which is widely used, with high tensile strength, impact strength, rigidity, toughness and good transparency. B0PP thin film surface can be low, glue or before printing needs to conduct corona treatment. However, after the B0PP film has been treated with corona, it has good printing adaptability and can be used for color printing to obtain exquisite appearance effect. Therefore, it is often used as the surface material of composite film.
      BOPP film also has shortcomings, such as easy to accumulate static electricity, no heat seal, etc. In the high-speed operation of the production line, the BOPP film is easy to generate static electricity, the need to install electrostatic eliminator. For BOPP film can be heat sealed, can be coated after BOPP film surface corona treatment can heat sealing liquid resin adhesive, such as PVDC latex, EVA latex, etc., can also be solvent coating glue, also can adopt the method of extrusion coating or its crowded composite heat sealing BOPP film production. The film is widely used in bread, clothing, footwear and other packaging, as well as cigarette and book cover packaging. B0PP film cause tear strength improved after stretching, but secondary tear strength is low, therefore, two end can not leave any incision of BOPP film, otherwise the BOPP film easy to tear off when printing, composite.
      Production of BOPP films.
      BOPP film can be produced by tube membrane or flat film method. The performance of BOPP film is different for different processing methods. The BOPP film produced by the flat film method is higher than that of the tube membrane due to the tensile ratio (up to 8 ~ 10), and the uniformity of the film thickness is also better.
      In order to obtain better comprehensive performance, multilayer composite method is usually used in the process of production. BOPP can be combined with a variety of different materials to meet specific application needs. Such as BOPP with LDPE (CPP), PE, PT, PO, PVA composite, such as high resistance, the wet resistance, transparency, high and low temperature resistant, resistant to steam and oil resistance, different composite membrane can be applied to oily food, Jane geared food, dry food, dipping food, all kinds of cooking food, such as monosodium glutamate, pancakes, rice cakes packaging.
      Application of B0PP membrane for composite film.
      BOPP film is mainly is used for printing intaglio printing, accounts for about 22% of the way of printing, the other for offset printing, and A 42% 2 o %, embossed, flexo accounted for 8%, other 8%, according to incomplete statistics, China has from Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, South Korea, Australia and China's Taiwan province introduced nearly 600 new production line combined with domestic gravure press production line more than 4000 large and small, with consumption B0PP film about 9 o ten thousand tons, accounting for 70% of the B0PP market, mainly concentrated in the east China area, the dosage of the larger company mainly include: Shanghai zijiang, dalian dafu, zhongshan dafu, Shanghai F I L E X B L E silkworm P A C K I N G A G film starring roles.
      The performance is divided into three types: general type cigarette packaging film, heat-shrinkable cigarette packaging film, high-speed cigarette packaging film:
      Universal cigarette packaging film: suitable for all kinds of different types of cigarette packing machine, its adaptability can cope with minor errors on the packaging machine set-up without adverse consequences, is the main characteristic of packaging machine has the ideal adaptability, excellent smooth, wide range of heat sealing, high rigidity and antistatic ability, excellent quality of folding.
      Heat-shrinkable cigarette packaging film: the main characteristic is that it has the fine effect of the packaging, overcoming the problem of the elastic wrinkling of the hard box packing film, which has the low temperature thermal shrinkage and high speed packaging.
      High speed cigarette packing film: it is very practical for high speed cigarette packing machine, which provides guarantee for high speed packaging quality products.
      The tobacco industry is the main customer of B0PP film. According to the data provided by China tobacco online, after the merger and reorganization of tobacco industry in China, the annual production capacity of China's tobacco industry is 66.75 million large cases, and the annual demand for the tobacco film in China is 1O. 680,000 tons. If add an unplanned and the dosage of the underground cigarette factory, in 2005, the national tobacco film should be about 130000 tons, the dosage of 1 o % of the total average B0PP, this is theoretical data, or to import the main high-grade cigarette smoke membrane, nearly two years to decrease year by year.
      As the smoke of mark design more and more complex, more and more delicate, and the speed of cigarette packaging machinery increased and the long-distance transportation, consumer aesthetic requirements for cigarette packaging, cigarette manufacturer puts forward higher requirements on B0PP film.
      Condenser film
      According to statistics, the main in the production of capacitor film has 2 o measure, mostly with B0PP capacitor film special equipment production, some of them are packed in production B0PP printing equipment through transformation of film production. With an annual capacity of 80,000 tons, the actual production is about 60,000 tons and the market demand is basically balanced due to the lack of production. After reaching the design capacity, there will be surplus, the profit will be further reduced, so the capacitor film manufacturers are not optimistic.
      The development trend of BOPP film.
      According to the current situation of B0PP industry, there are mainly following trends:
      The development of scale and intensification can only reduce the cost, improve product competitiveness, utilize the resources of large enterprises and carry out technological innovation. Is 91 now, it won't be long before, there are some small plant of strong and big purchase, will be the larger eastern jiangsu double liang, foshan, guangdong macro inscription, anhui three rong, jiangsu zhong da huai, dalian, zhejiang southeast, treasure group companies such as yield in 60000 ~ ten thousand tons of 1 o. They are highly specialized and innovative in technology development and can compete with their foreign counterparts.
      Production line to develop in the direction of high speed, wide, high yield, in recent years, the introduction of production more than 67, 20000 tons of production lines, while production line number accounts for only 37.22%, but its production accounted for 19% of total output of 7 o 1 o meters wide line imported anhui huai, rate of 45 om/min, is said to be the world's most wide product line.
      Each manufacturer, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses in the survival and development has a high yield line (more than 20000 tons/year) manufacturers generally use the line production varieties of a single product, while for its replacement string cable specifications flexible characteristics, some high yield production line didn't want to produce small varieties (special film), so each play their own advantages, coexistence.
      The speed of enterprise restructuring is accelerated: it has been proved that private enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises are better managed than state-owned enterprises, and some state-owned enterprises will be restructured.
      Strengthen the technical innovation strength: domestic many enterprises guang luo talent, increase the new product development strength, the heavy award has the performance new product development talented person, actually promoted the enterprise development.
      Before a few years, the production of BOPP film have higher profits, stimulate the rapid development of the BOPP film, especially from 1996 to 1997 and from 1996 to 1997 the introduction of two large, BOPP film manufacturer in China to rise to 109, production line of 180 (as of May 2005) these manufacturer located in more than 20 provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The distribution of BOPP film manufacturers in mainland China is not uniform, only zhejiang province, jiangsu province, jiangsu province, is accounting for 67.20% of BOPP production in China. Among them, zhejiang 54 20 tons, accounting for 22 1 9% : jiangsu 56.1 0 tons, accounting for 22 96% : guangdong 53 86 tons, accounting for 22.05% of the remaining 17 provinces and cities only account for 32 80 percent, and 1 2 provinces and municipalities are empty Eh. B0PP thin film is important in the field of packaging products, with its light weight, transparent, non-toxic, low moisture, air permeability, high mechanical strength are widely used in food, medicine, light, tobacco, and other fields.
      BOPP development dilemma.
      Domestic B0PP film supply and demand seriously unbalanced. As of 2004, China's BOPP film production capacity is about 1.93 million tons, and the production volume is about 1.3 million tons. Production capacity increased by about 660,000 tons compared with 2003, while demand increased by less than 200,000 tons. The supply exceeds demand, and new lines are put into production, and the supply of new lines makes the contradiction more prominent. Although BOPP film is low, it seems that the excess product but than with the developed countries, China's per capita is not very high, as long as the proper adjustment, according to the market law of development, B0PP enterprises for their own market and product positioning correctly, according to the current capacity and demand growth, in the case of large capacity but no longer, is expected to be bottomed out before, during, and after the first half of 2007.
      Raw material prices are soaring and nervous.
      As is known to all, the B0PP industry is a large power user with a strong electricity supply, and the price limit of limited time will undoubtedly add to the company's problems. B0PP production enterprise is also a large transportation enterprise, the situation of overloaded transportation often occurs. It was a good thing that the central government adopted a two-year period to focus on the over-loading of freight cars, but at the same time, B0PP manufacturers increased transportation costs.
      In 2002 ~ 2004, the national new production, new capacity of about 1.5 million tons, caused a serious shortage of raw material supply, coupled with raw materials upstream enterprise uncertainty increased, the international oil market at home and abroad since the price of raw material supply the ch v, 1 vigorously surging, make originally is small profit of BOPP industry unprofitable. As B0PP processing enterprise, most enterprises are now into doing now, basically do not have inventory, once appear problem, raw material suppliers or money does not reach the designated position, can't timely supply of raw materials, affect the normal production progress.
      Low product development ability.
      Since the introduction of the production line, over 20 years of development, the equipment has been updated rapidly, from low speed to high speed, film from narrow to wide, and film structure (number of layers) from less to more. But our own digestion and absorption capacity after introducing remains to be further improved, although after more than 20 years, few have their own intellectual property rights of enterprises, is still in the production of ordinary products, price is for a market. As for the high-end equipment with five layers, due to the technical level and capacity problems, the advantages of the equipment can not be fully played, and only three levels of ordinary products can be produced, resulting in the lack of competitiveness of the products.
      Blind development and repeated introduction of waste resources of 2002 years ago, sales profit of BOPP industry generally over 20%, do good corporate profits in more than 30%, is profiteering industry, coupled with a variety of media publicity, the industry development potential is huge, many businesses have horse, and induce rush, never once considering downstream industry development speed, only 2001 to 2002, more than a year to a new online article 30, more than 60 new capacity of ten thousand tons. Originally BOPP normal demand only 10% annual growth rate, the result is growing at 50% capacity, leading to excess BOPP products, equipment starts around 80%, idle equipment, cause the waste of resources. At the same time makes the cost increase and profit margins narrow.
      The BOPP industry faces a dilemma.
      At present, China's BOPP film production line is still under construction, and its total output is more than double the demand of BOPP film market in China. The market competition is intense, how to seek development in the competition is BOPP thin film manufacturer to consider the first question.
      To strengthen internal management and reduce costs as BOPP enterprises, most of them are new enterprises. We must improve our defense capability by implementing advanced management methods, and make ourselves better and stronger. In combination with the practical situation of enterprises, the introduction of advanced management methods, put it in the enterprise management, to improve the quality of products, reduce consumption of raw materials and product manufacturing cost to lay the solid foundation, to develop in the direction of large-scale, intensive. Only in this way can we reduce the cost and improve the competitiveness of our products. Utilize the resources of large enterprises to carry out technological innovation.
      Make sure your product market positioning and develop a reasonable marketing method.
      Now BOPP industry product supply and demand contradiction is prominent, fierce competition, can be said to be the death of the life, very cruel. But I ` fl,] to calm down and think, not blind production, want to know what varieties of excess, what varieties of supply and demand balance, which breeds in short supply, and then according to their own specialty, to find; Make good market positioning of your products. Develop reasonable marketing methods for different customers, different market environments and different competitors.
      We will increase the intensity of technological innovation and establish a sound information system to master the law of market development.
      Many domestic enterprises, talents, increase the degree of new product development, amply rewarded with the performance of new product development personnel, to promote the development of the enterprise to do market research, master the market information, it includes a survey to understand market demand, understand the industry situation and development trend, understand the market conditions upstream industries. It is one of the better strategies for BOPP to produce smaller enterprises by market segmentation and understanding of diversified development customers.

      Address:No.16 xingang road, rugao port district, nantong
      Hotline 18851333373

      All rights reserved:China film new material technology co. LTD. Copyright2018 All Rights Reserved Design:NTZERO

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